TEXTRAD is an online text translation website. We provide translation services for all texts – editorial, technical, commercial and scientific – from and into any world language. All texts are translated by professionals. We do not use automatic translation programs because we believe that humans can still provide the best work. A translation is not simply a word-to-word transfer from language A to language B; it is influenced by a country’s culture and customs. Despite recent improvements in translation software, machines are not able to fully understand nor interpret a document’s context and its nuances in meaning, so human translators are irreplaceable to obtain the very best text translation. We use a proven translation technique: all texts are translated by native speakers and are reviewed by other translators before delivery. For every text, we select people who have specific knowledge in that particular subject or area.

Translation services and special promotions

Internet websites

Translating your site into many languages can be a good way to let the world know that your activity exists, and helps boost your business in foreign markets. We provide a complete website translation service at a low cost. Just send us your site pages in html format and we will send them back to you, translated into the chosen language, ready to go online. Contact our consultant for more information.
Special savings until 02 December 2015 – we offer this service at just Promotion 2015 – 0,08 € per word*

Commercial, business and advertising letters / e-mails

Nowadays, almost every company conducts business worldwide and the need to present your company in a professional manner has become a must. We can help you with business development and creation, commercial letters and advertising campaigns or just translating individual items as the need arises. For small letters and flyers we can guarantee delivery within 48 hours.
Promotion 2015 – 0,05 € per word*

Technical texts

We include in this category all texts with an elevated number of technical words usually dealing with very specific subjects such as manuals, instruction booklets, scientific texts, legal documents and texts and labels.
Promotion 2015 – 0,06€ per word*

Non-technical texts

A non-technical text is text with a low number of technical terms, which doesn’t usually deal with specific subjects. Editorial, narrative fiction and non-fiction texts are included in this category.
Promotion 2015 – 0,04€ per word*

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