Since my first year in university I’ve heard many discussions regarding translation as a career. Many say that working as a translator – remotely from home or from an office – can be frustrating. Others claim that financially, the job isn’t worth the effort. Translating a text does indeed require time and precision, especially when dealing with highly technical language, and the price can be low for the time and effort spent. These observations are, in part, true because many translators work alone. This isolation can impede stimulation, professional development and continuing acquisition of wide-ranging knowledge. Notwithstanding these observations, I have always been amazed by languages and the different cultures from which they come from. For me, every language has a pulse – it lives and evolves. Languages are continuously changing with human development and require constant revision and upgrading in terminology and technical knowledge. This work is often merged with new technologies and international marketing; as market trends show, our daily lives are intrinsically connected to the internet. For these reasons I decided to create Textrad: a company with the objective of linking professional translators with highly-experienced professionals in web design and online marketing. Textrad offers its clients access to a group of professionals who can cooperate in solving translation problems while exchanging new techniques, materials and programs. Our professional community can transcend all language and technological barriers, so you don’t have to.

Riccardo Trombetti (Textrad Founder)

Textrad Translations Founder

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