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TEXTRAD is an online text translation website. We provide translation services for all texts - editorial, technical, commercial and scientific - from and into any world language. All texts are translated by professionals. We also translate websites, commercial materials, business and advertising letters/emails, and all types of technical and non-technical texts into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and many other languages. Feel free to ask for a cost estimation.


All necessary dictionaries - available on paper, on CD or online.


Technical glossaries in all languages. Share your glossaries with the community and get access to other translators' glossaries. Share your knowledge with the community.

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Languages are continuously evolving with human development and require constant revision and upgrading in terminology and technical knowledge. The work of a translator is often merged with new technologies, the internet and international marketing for companies with foreign interests. As market trends show, our daily lives are intrinsically connected to the internet and to languages. Precision and accuracy in online and print materials are more important than ever.